The Essential Quality

The challenge of maintaining sincerity in your heart will grip you for your entire life. How amazing is the human soul—that an intention makes a world of difference, though the external actions may be Show more



1. Introduction

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Chapter 1

2. Attaining Sincerity

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Attaining sincerity is an accomplishment that has no worldly comparison. A righteous man was once asked, “What characteristic is most difficult for the soul to attain?” “Sincerity,” he answered. “For it gains nothing in this world.”

Chapter 2

3. Signs of Sincerity

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Among the signs of sincerity are: avoiding recognition, self-reproach, cherishing hidden actions, contentment as a follower, one objective, loving and rejecting only for God's sake, endurance, and welcoming others with open arms.

Chapter 3

4. Sincerity in Islamic Work

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“Know that the help of God is offered in proportion to the purity of the intention.” Salim Ibn Abdullah

Chapter 4

5. The Fruits of Sincerity

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From the fruits of sincerity are: inner tranquility, willpower, commitment, and a life of service & worship.

Chapter 5

6. Translators' Notes

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Sincerity, The Essential Quality is an adapted translation of Shaikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi’s Hawla Rukn Al-Ikhlas.

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Yusuf Al-Qaradawi

Shaikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi is one of the giants among the scholars of Islam and is considered one of the most influential. Based in Qatar, Shaikh al-Qaradawi is the president and co-founder of the International Association of Muslim Scholars and the European Council for Fatwa and Research. He authored more than 100 books, and his weekly TV program (Shariah and Life) was one of al-Jazeera's most popular shows with tens of millions of viewers. He was a leading advocate for Palestinian rights and democratic reform in the Middle East.