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In a letter addressing those dedicated to working for Islam, Hasan Al-Banna[1] outlined ten qualities by which an earnest Muslim could join the ranks of those who work for the sake of Allah. This concise letter describes concepts that are essential to the personality of the proactive Islamic worker. It is essential that we understand, reflect, and act upon these concepts. As Al-Banna said, “They are not lessons to be memorized, but principles to be put into action.”

For this reason, scholars have written books explaining the ten principles in greater detail. The ten principles are

  1. Understanding

  2. Sincerity

  3. Action

  4. Jihad[2]

  5. Sacrifice

  6. Compliance

  7. Loyalty

  8. Resolve

  9. Brotherhood

  10. Trust

The second principle of sincerity is the subject of this book. Hasan Al-Banna wrote in his address,

The second pillar is sincerity. Through this sincerity, the Muslim brother and sister should seek the pleasure of Allah in their speech, actions and jihad, without looking for material profit, status or worldly advancement of any sort. They should be soldiers seeking understanding and faith, not individuals seeking their own self-interest: "Say: 'Truly, my prayer and my service of sacrifice, my life and my death, are all for God, the Cherisher of the Worlds.'" Qur'an 6:162

  1. A 20th Century Islamic revivalist who founded the Muslim Brotherhood.

  2. Jihad literally means struggle. In Islam, it refers to the internal struggle of self-improvement, as well as the external struggles of defending those who are oppressed, working for social justice, and inviting others to the religion of Islam.

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