Spiritual Challenges of Muslim Activists

Roadblocks is the first volume in a series addressing the spiritual challenges facing Islamic workers. Whether you call yourself an activist, an Islamic worker, a community volunteer, or a caller to G Show more



1. Introduction

2 minutes read

2. Spiritual Burnout

46 minutes read

We all experience burnout at some time or another. We slow down in our worship and lose our resolve to work hard, sometimes dropping out of the scene completely.

About the author

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As-Sayyid Muhammad Nuh

As-Sayyid Muhammad Nuh (1946-2007) was a prolific scholar and writer of Egyptian descent. A world-class professor of hadith sciences at al-Azhar University, Shaikh Nuh lectured at universities around the world. He was deeply passionate about the fields of dawah and collective Islamic work, writing more than 20 books on these topics.