Guardians of the Houses of Allah

Guardians of the Houses of Allah are a special group of people who support, organize, donate to, and maintain the places where people gather to worship and glorify their Lord. Their role is one of g Show more

Guardians of the Houses of Allah


Chapter 1

1. The Salah, the Salah!

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We are people of ṣalāh. It is core to our identity, as described by the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم. The masjid is the place of ṣalāh, and its importance is in its direct connection to the ṣalāh. The caretakers of the masjids need to be people of ṣalāh. We have strangely come across masjid administrators who don’t regularly perform ṣalāh or to whom ṣalāh is not a priority.

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Asad Zaman

Asad Zaman is Executive Director and Imam with the Muslim American Society of Minnesota.