Faith First

A Guide to Awakening Iman

The need to be God-centered is written in our DNA. We are beings created for worship. We knew God in another dimension, before our existence on this earth, and so we yearn for Him from deep within our Show more

Faith First


1. Introduction

19 minutes read

As servants of God, we are on a journey to grow closer to Him, but at times the road seems blocked.

Part I: Awakening Faith

2. Motivation

8 minutes read

A motive lies behind every deed, decision, and act of worship. Our motives are the engines behind our actions. They stem from our most fundamental feelings: love, hate, fear and desire. To get ourselves to do something, we have to be motivated.

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Magdy Al-Hilali

Dr. Magdy Al-Hilali is the author of more than 30 books on the topics of self-development, spirituality, and interacting with the Quran. His writings helped a generation of readers and students reshape their relationship with faith, revelation, and calling to God.